Winter Hardiness

Winter Hardy Holly

The Grace Hybrid American Holly is one of the most visually attractive holly available.  However, the real values goes much deeper. Orlando S. Pride knew he needed many improvements over the native american holly of the south to make it a consistent, iron clad, landscape choice for the Northeast.


  • Strong and fibrous root systems for ease of transplanting
  • Foliage to be resistant to disease and leaf spotting
  • Structural strength in branching to withstand heavier snow loads
  • And last, but not least, the incredible accomplishment of cold temperature survivability

Orlando S. Pride has been credited by many horticulturists for extending the northern hardiness range of American Holly by over 500 miles with his creation of the Grace Hybrid Holly. Grace Hybrid Holly have survived undamaged at Pride Nursery when winters have hit temperatures of -28 degrees F., which killed other holly at ground level. Other areas of the northeast have reported lows of -30 to -35 degrees F. without injuring the Orlando S Pride Grace Hybrid Holly (See Dep. Of Agriculture National Arboretum holly listing.)

This accomplishment is why Orlando S. Pride has received such prestigious awards as Pennsylvania Nurseryman of the Year, and Distinguished Alumni of Penn State University. To learn more about Winter Hardy American Holly, Contact Us directly.