Disease, Insects, and Deer

Grace Hybrid American Holly show excellent resistance to disease, insects, and deer.

Grace Hybrid Holly also show excellent resistance to leaf spot and other diseases affecting American Holly. Leaf minor is an insect that can cause yellow blotches on the leaves. This is the only insect or disease we have encountered in over 60 years of production. Leaf minor is very easy to control, simply visit your local garden supply store , request a product labeled for holly leaf minor, and follow the instructions. Heavy shearing can also be an effective control method, just remember to gather and dispose clippings.

Expanding deer populations have done severe damage to many beautiful gardens throughout the eastern U.S. These adaptable “pests” will continue to challenge gardeners in all parts of the eastern U.S. The sharp spiny foliage of Grace Hybrid Holly is a natural defense, making this plant one of the most resistant to browsing. We have not had any reports of browsing to date. We are very interested to hear your experience of any varieties of American hollies that may have been damaged by deer. 

(Grace Hybrid American Holly will be one of the safest investments in gardens with heavy deer populations.)